Scotland vs. England

Buenos dias! It’s been a wee while since the last update but the last two weeks have been a bit quieter as we settle into a routine here.

When I say routine, our teaching can still be a bit sporadic. Last week we only taught two days, this week we had Friday off and next Monday too. Next week is also an evaluation week where the kids are tested so we’ve spent some time creating the English tests for each grade.

It hasn’t rained here since Sunday, meaning that it is almost unbearably hot and humid, though I’m still wearing jeans, mostly to avoid adding more mosquito bites to my impressive collection (more than 15 on one leg!).

Despite the heat we’ve been very active! We played volleyball with Victor, the host of our project last week and while we were both rubbish and dragged our team down a lot, we loved it! Also, after saying in my last blog post that I don’t like football, we now regularly play in the late afternoons before dinner with whatever kids from the escuela (primary school) or colegio (high school) are there. It’s a lot of fun, a good way to get some exercise in and we now have more than one friend over the age of 10! Progress. It can turn quite competitive though, especially when Scotland and England go head to head…

We’ve experienced the full range of power cuts that Honduras has to offer recently, ranging from lasting for more than 24 hours to the lights turning off for five seconds then back on and repeating every few minutes for the next hour. One evening during a power cut, I finally got my ukulele out for the first time after lugging it across an ocean and then most of Honduras!

On Saturday two girls that we teach appeared at our door, trying to tell us something. With our halting, though improving, Spanish we eventually figured out that they weren’t asking us about our run but telling us that we had mail! (The word for both is ‘correo’ in Spanish, you can understand our confusion!) We immediately followed them down to the post office where we gave the post mistress our phone numbers for the next time any mail comes in for us and paid 20 Lempiras, or $1, for my first package from home!

While I was expecting most of what was in because I packed it before I left, there were some surprises, including some lovely cards from my family and an advent calendar each for Amy and I. Looking forward to the next one *hint hint*!

If anyone feels like sending me a letter or a postcard or anything else (mosquito spray is always welcome!) feel free to send it to:

Sara Morrison 
Centro America

And that’s pretty much what our last two weeks have been like! We’re now in Gracias for a long weekend with some of the other volunteers.

Just chillin’
Some of my pupils having their merienda (snack)
Recreo. My lack of hula hooping skills is a constant disappointment for 1st and 2nd grade…

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