Feat. El Salvador

A very busy first weekend was had here in Candelaria! On Saturday we were finally able to have a lie in after getting up at 6am every morning! It’s fine though because I’ve taken to having naps when we get back from school, before we have lunch. The heat really does tire you out!

After a relaxing morning and some lesson plans we went out with our host mum, Saida, her daughters Daniela and Jamie and their cousins Yeverson and Justin to go and see their cows. We were looking forward to getting out of Candelaria for a bit and seeing more of the stunning scenery which we had front row seats for from the bed of the truck we drove out in!

We were only able to see the cows from afar because they’d gone wandering but we did get to go and pick fresh beans and eat passion fruit straight off the tree! We also got to see the hills of El Slavador, as we’re pretty close to the border here.

El Salvador in the distance

We started our Sunday morning with an early run (what was I thinking, trying to run in this humidity?!) and while it was hard, it was actually pretty nice to sweat with a purpose for once! The market was back today, which we were aware of from 3am when they started to set it up, so after breakfast we went for a wander around and bought a few things each.

In the afternoon we headed to Mapulaca, a town about an hour away though the distance is only 15km, to watch the football between Candelaria and La Virtud. The football wasn’t actually that interesting for me (anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a football fan) though don’t tell anyone I said that because football is a big thing in Honduras! What was pretty cool was driving to the border with El Salvador after the match as Mapulaca is only five minutes away!

This is how you cross a border, right? I’m obviously not sure
Apparently people here like the EU more than in Britain

After having yesterday off because the other teachers had a meeting we found out that we weren’t going to have classes today either or on Friday I think. I guess we’ll just have to save our lesson plans for later! We were also supposed to start our adult classes this week but they’ve been postponed until next week. We’ve spent our days off doing a bit more lesson planning to stay ahead of the game, relaxing, exploring more of the town and now blogging!

Some pictures from while we’ve been exploring the town – 

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