Ziplining at Sunset and Tequila Sunrises

I can now tell you a 6am, four hour long bus ride over bumpy roads with three people crammed onto each seat is totally worth it for a weekend in Gracias. That was how we traveled from Candelaria on Friday morning, arriving in Gracias relatively early but still after Jesse and Lucy, the volunteers from Tomalá. 

Starting the weekend off right – with frozen margaritas!

Friday was a very chilled day, making full use both of the sandwiches served at our hotel, Guancascos, and the hammocks outside our room. We also did a bit of shopping and hung out in Gracias’ gorgeous central square. On Saturday we were joined by Siobhan and Anna, the volunteers from La Union, and Grace and Hannah, the volunteers from Yamaranguila. Poor Hannah only arrived on Honduras on the Friday and was straight into Gracias to meet us!

After some lunch we headed out to La Campa, a nearby town, that is home to Central America’s highest zip line! In true Honduran style we had to wait a while after we got there to be taken up to the start point but La Campa is a beautiful town and while waiting we had the best baleada I’ve eaten since I arrived in Honduras! (A baleada is a big tortilla with refried beans, cheese and mantequilla in it.)

Bienvenidos a la Campa

Eventually we got up to the start of the first zip line. Yep, that’s the first one, because there are actually six zig zagging across a valley. It was an exhilarating experience that I’ll never forget and the views were stunning, especially in the golden sunlight of late afternoon. I would definitely recommend it if you ever happen to be in the area! 

Yep, we threw oursleves off that…

The only way the day could have gotten better was with a big pizza and a frozen cocktail… Which was how it ended, celebrating Grace’s 18th birthday a few days early. We were all up bright and early on Sunday morning to walk the short distance to the San Cristobal Fort that looks over all of Gracias. It’s quite small, with not a lot of information about it but the views were the main attraction.

Some wise words from ex-President Juan Lindo
Simultaneously being and enjoying the view

Half of the group left later on on Sunday, leaving Amy and I with the Tomalá girls to grab a Chinese that left us in a food coma (there is not a single Chinese restaurant in Honduras, and there are a lot, that has a grasp on the concept of portion control). We spent the evening starting to plan our Christmas holidays as we all work in schools that use the Honduran rather than American system so will be traveling together for a few months over December and January. 

After another four hour long bus ride over bumpy roads with three people crammed onto each seat, only not at 6am this time, we are now home! No English lessons this week because of tests but I’m sure we’ll find something to fill our time with!

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