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It’s been four long years since I first set foot in a blog. I had just started fundraising to spend a year teaching English in Honduras between high school and university and thought it might be a good idea to document it, both for myself and for anyone else that wanted to read it. Fast forward two years and I’d built a fantastic time capsule into my time in Honduras that I was very proud of and could always look back on.

I’m now only a few days away from once again moving halfway across the world to live somewhere completely new for a year. This time I’m heading to China to study there as part of my university degree, which will be followed by spending the summer in France.

While it took a lot of time and energy to build the blog that I created while in Honduras, it was absolutely worth it and I really want to create that kind of snapshot again for my time in China.

Some people might remember the kind of things I wrote about on my Honduras blog but for those that weren’t there for that, I covered the day to day, week to week goings on, keeping everyone up to date with what was happening in my life but also wrote more in depth posts about food, my town, my school, cultural holidays and some fun survival guides.

I hope to do similar things with this blog. Something I want to experiment with this time is keeping general updates shorter but more frequent than last time and still having longer feature posts. Obviously this is all dependant on internet access but I have my finger crossed and I’m excited to get back into blogging again!

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  1. Sara, very best wishes for your second adventure, i look forward to seeing your blog, i am an old school friend of your Nan, Jackie. CloverBell

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