11 Months in the Making

Once again I’ve been quiet over the past few weeks but prepare yourself for the new wave of blogs as I get all my remaining ideas out of my system in the two weeks that I have left!

The start of this month has been very busy because I’ve had a few more visitors – guess who? No, sadly the queen couldn’t make it out but Amy and my mum did manage to make the day long trip over the ocean just to see their favourite sister/daughter (delete as appropriate). It was a very tearful reunion at the airport after 11 months of messages and FaceTimes having to make up for actually seeing each other. 

This was a long time coming

Amy (Lynch) and I (the two Amys thing gets very confusing) had just finished a week of exams meaning that we had a week of holidays. Seeing as (twin) Amy is slightly obsessed with fish and coral we took her to Utila to do some diving. We met Jesse and Lucy there who also had a week off and (twin) Amy, Lucy and I embarked on our PADI Advanced diver course. 

Jesse, me, Amy (Lynch), Lucy, (twin) Amy and Lauren from our Advanced course on our fun dive

I had a a great week – we dived at a wreck, did what was basically an underwater assault course and got to do another night dive. My mum also got to celebrate her graduation from uni with the largest smoothie known to man on a tropical island while everyone else was stuck in cold and gray Edinburgh. (Twin) Amy had a slightly harder time of it. After four out of seven dives were done she became quite ill, probably from a mixture of jet lag and severe dehydration so missed out on doing one of her remaining dives. 

We left Utila on the Friday after Amy and my mum had arrived to head to Gracias, an 8 hour bus ride away. Once we arrived we just about had enough energy left to eat some food, shower and collapse into bed! 

Number one on the list of things to do while in Gracias was head out to do the zipline at La Campa. Amy (Lynch) wasn’t feeling great and decided to skip it so it was just the Morrison gals that traveled for an hour along a 16km stretch of road to confront the highest zipline in Central America. 

I’m an old pro at it by now, with this being my third time, but I must say there weren’t many nerves from the other two either. Lots of other people had had the same idea as us so it was very busy meaning we missed our bus back but that just gave the two newest ‘gringas‘ the chance to hitch home in the back of a truck! 

K, gracias, bye
Basically Honduran

The other activities of Gracias, namely the hot springs and Fuerte San Cristobal, were all ticked off before hopping onto the dreaded chicken bus back to Candelaria. Seeing our project was highly anticipated so it had a lot to live up too. 

Over the course of two full days in Candelaria, my mum and (twin) Amy got to meet all of my classes in the primary school as well as Kinder and my 7th grade class in the high school. 5th grade were a favourite for Amy because they latched on to the fact she’s studying marine biology and asked a ton of questions about sea animals. My mum liked seeing 2nd grade because they are roughly the age her P3 class will be next year.

‘Wait, you’re not Sara!’

Outside of school they met our two families. Jamie and Daniela, the girls we live with, worked their charms as did little Samuel over at Lety and Victor’s. I think everyone in Candelaria enjoyed there being two Saras (and two Amys!) in town and the phrase of the week was ‘¡Sí, se parecen mucho!’ (You look so alike!). The best way to tell us apart was because (twin) Amy is ‘tan blanquita’ (so pale)! That didn’t stop Walter from 6th grade from asking me how I managed to find a clone of my body!

Mi familia Hondureña
Mi otra familia Hondureña

The last stop on the two week tour of Honduras was Copán Ruinas. We looked around the main archeological site, which was incredibly interesting even the second time round and popped out to Macaw Mountain for the mandatory guacamaya (scarlet macaw) photo and even went back to the ruins to have a look around the museum there the morning we left. 

Our guide Virgilio next to the part of the ruins that he discovered

We said goodbye in San Pedro Sula on Saturday morning but to be honest, it wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s only two weeks until it’ll be Amy (Lynch) and me at the airport!

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