See You Later!

It’s finally here! I’ve spent the whole day packing, sorting things out and generally rushing around in a last minute frenzy! But I’m pretty sure everything’s packed and everything that needed done today has been done (apart from this but I’m actually going to try for a quick blog post today – I know, unheard of!).

It’s been a weird few weeks, coming to terms with the fact that I’m actually leaving now. Slowly but surely the goodbyes have been building up, a few here and a few there until my goodbye party on Thursday night and then my best friend tonight and the family tomorrow morning at the airport. Most of the tears so far have actually come after saying goodbye, when my mum asks me if I’m ok!

I’m not sure it’s properly sunk in yet that I’m actually going to be away for a year. Most of you probably know that I spent a month in Costa Rica last summer and it almost feels like I’m just going off to do the same thing (though my rucksack is a bit heavier this time!) It might only be when I get past the month mark that I realise that I’m there for the long run.

Anway, having just said some goodbyes and still feeling a little bit emotional (though it’s not like I can leave tear stains on a blog post is it?) I’m going to move on to the practical things. I leave tomorrow bright and early at 5.15 to catch a 7am plane before arriving in Honduras three flights later at 7pm local time (or 2am our time).

While I’m away you can keep up to date with this blog, my Facebook page – Sara’s Year in Honduras – and if anybody wants to write to me (or send me chocolate, that would be much appreciated) you can address them to:

Sara Morrison
c/o Victor Cruz

If this changes or updates I will let you know as soon as possible. 

Before I go as well I just want to say a final, massive thank you to every single person who has made this possible, either by donating or helping me out in any way. THANK YOU!!!

I’m not sure what the wifi will be like for the first couple of days or whether I’ll be updating for the first few weeks I’m there so this may be it for a few weeks. See you in Honduras!

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