Where do I begin?

It feels like ages since I’ve updated on here which I’m sorry about but it’s only actually been a month! But it’s been a very busy month!

I’ll start off with my not so good news from October. So as you all know I was planning a Halloween party for the end of the month but due to poor ticket sales we were forced to cancel it, even after several attempts at rescuing it. It was unfortunate and a big disappointment but, hey, it’s not the end of the world.

In the meantime, on to more positive things. Since my last post where I talked about the Realising Dreams Foundation, I have received two more donations from charitable trusts. My local rotary club of Bridge of Allan and Dunblane have given me a grant of £200 and I also received a cheque for £300 from the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust.

A few other little things to wrap up from this month. Another £22.50 from nanny’s mug mat sales, £120 in donations and the £20 winnings from the Rugby World Cup, won by New Zealand and Ed Payne, which was kindly given back to me.

And now onto the good stuff!! I had my first bake sale, at the S1 parent’s evening, (no picture I’m afraid, which was a bit of an oversight but I’ll get a photo at the next one to show you the spread!). It went spectacularly well and we raised £301.94! It was a great start so now we just need to keep that up for the rest of them!

Finally, my most recent and most successful event so far has been a raffle on the handmade quilt that we tried to sell back in August. That didn’t really work but this time we were selling tickets for £5 each, the money could be donated on my Virgin Money Giving page. It ran for around two and a half weeks and finished on Thursday 5th November. Congratulations to Karen Monaghan – the quilt will be winging it’s way to you in Boston very shortly! And a big thank you to everyone that bought tickets and raised £950!!! This will pay for an amazing two months in Honduras.

So overall, progress-wise, since my last post I have smashed both the target of £2,000 and £3,000 and am sitting at £3,051.22! So have some pictures to celebrate seeing as I don’t have one of the bake sale.

A picture painted by one of the girls from my selection course after getting home from Coll
The girls at the ceilidh on the last night of selection

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